Helpful Links

This site provides helpful definitions of the many types of abuse.

If you are being abused and you want out, go here.

Women are not the only victims of abuse. Men can be too. If you are a man in an abusive relationship or know someone who is, please seek help here.

24/7 Crisis Hotline

We came across this site when searching for the Power and Control Wheel. It is actually quite brilliant and provides advice on how to leave dangerous situations, they even have a 24 hour helpline. What we like best about this website, is the fact that they provide information on all forms of abuse committed not just against women, but against men, teens, elders, and those in the LGBTQ community.

If you live in the St. Louis area and need info on the Women’s Safe House, please go here.

wikiHow apparently knows no bounds and even has an article on how to leave an abusive relationship. They also have an article along the lines of learning to heal after leaving such a situation.

For those who have a loved one or friend in an abusive relationship, learn how to best help by going here.