About Us

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Lindsey Voelkerding
(the one on the left)
I am 30. I love cats. Every kind of cat. I just want to hug all of them . . . but I can’t hug every cat. Seriously though, my husband and I are servants to our two adorable kittés, Beemo and Jiji. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English, because I love writing and communication, especially the two together. I also love to play the piano and sing (a lover of both Broadway and Opera). I teach piano and voice to my niece and piano to my nephew. If I could teach my cats how to play my piano instead of destroy it, I would, but they haven’t quite built up the dexterity yet.

Christa Gayle
(the other one)
I’m a single mom to three amazing kids and one lazy cat! To say my life is hectic would be a major understatement, but I love every crazy minute of it. I attended Southeast Missouri State University with a major in Business Management/Marketing and Customer Relations. I am the managing owner of my own digital content company. I love marketing through social networks, meeting new and interesting people, and having the ability to share my story with them. I’m also a lover of all things musical, if I could break out in song at random moments, then life would be so much more interesting. This blog, of which I co-author with my sister (no, we’re not twins), is an outlet for us to share some of our experiences in past abusive relationships.

We want to help increase awareness of the signs of abuse and the damage it causes mentally, physically, and emotionally. On our site, we will provide resources (Helpful Links) for escaping these damaging relationships, as well as resources for rehabilitation. Our weekly posts will cover a wide range of topics pertaining to these issues, as well as our thoughts on how to live a happier and more fulfilling life. We can mold our society into a better, more loving one. If we can help even one person, then our job is done, but it’s our goal to reach a multitude. We are all the key to creating a healthier future. Join us in preventing further abuse through education and inspiration.

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