Time does not slow for anyone.

Time holds no prejudice.

Time passes unnoticed.

Time takes everyone, eventually.

Our normal MO has been to cover topics about domestic abuse and signs of toxic relationships. Today however, I’m going to switch it up a bit. There are so many things that we take advantage of in this day and age. Poor management of our time being one, and improper time management can lead to unnecessary stress. Excess stress often leads to different forms of abuse in the home and workplace, which can cause extreme mental health issues.

When you stop to think about time, and I mean really stop and think, you realize how precious and short it is. Our moments on earth are numbered and we often take them for granted until they are gone. Our babies grow into adults in the blink of an eye. As we age, our lives perpetually change. As we grow, we live, we love, we laugh, we cry, we fail, we succeed, we gain family, and we lose family. It’s the circle of life. Make that circle the best it can be. Make the moments count. Make them fun. Make memories. Don’t let time go by unaccounted for.

I am an abuser of time. I am an incredibly unorganized person, if it’s not in my calendar with an alarmed reminder, I forget about it.

I have days, where I’m crunched for time and have to drag my kids out the door yelling and screaming.

I have days where I forget to eat, or forget to feed my cat.

I have days where I forget to schedule in that parent-teacher conference.

I have days where I forget to make time to talk with my friends.

I have days where I forget to call my Grandparents.

I have days where my kids want my attention and I say I don’t have time.

Don’t have time? To spend precious minutes watching my child dance in the living room. . .

There will come a day when our children won’t be around to dance in the living room. They will be off at college, starting their own careers, starting their own families. Will it really kill our schedule to spend thirty minutes letting our children dance, sing, or read to us? Read one extra book before bedtime. Sit around the table for dinner and talk about the day. It’s become normal to be constantly on the run. We have different schedules for sports, dance, choir, and band, it’s amazing we see each other anymore.

We can’t slow down time. We can’t gain back years of missed memories because we were too busy to notice. We can’t take back our mistakes . . . but, we can learn from them. We need to understand that a glass of spilled milk only takes a few minutes to clean up, and that making your child feel incompetent for it can take decades to heal from. Don’t let the little mishaps occupy all of your time and energy. We lose seconds too quickly, don’t allow problems and abusive people to steal your days. Take hold of the reigns of your existence and make each day remarkable.

Life is fragile. Time is precious. Don’t abuse and take for granted the hours we have with one another. Live each moment making yourself happy, making your family happy, and making a difference. Live life to the fullest

~Christa G.

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