Break My Bones


“You picked this gimpy shopping cart on purpose just to annoy me.”
“Why would you buy a car without me there to help you?”
“I take you out for lunch on your birthday and this is how you act?”
“Don’t be such a child.”
“You turn your back for one second and it burns!”
“You have anger issues.”
“If you gain weight, it’ll be in all the wrong places.”
“Can’t you just shut up and figure it out on your own?!”
“You’re wasting my time.”
“You’re boring me right now.”
“If you don’t do as I say, I will break up with you right now!”
“You’re incompetent and useless.”
“If you don’t like it, then stop reading my text messages.”
“That didn’t hurt! I nudged you, I didn’t kick you!”
“So what, now you’re gonna tell your family and friends that I abuse you?!”
“You asked for it!”
“It’s ALL your fault!”
“F&#K You!”
“You’re being a bitch right now!”
“You’re making me do this.”
“You’re just being a crazy c@nt!”
“Shut the f%#k up!”
“I’m not hurting you! How does this hurt?!”

Don’t let it get worse. End it . . . while you can.

~Lindsey V.

4 thoughts on “Break My Bones

  1. Hi Lindsey, That was hard-hitting, and terse to read. You could cut the atmosphere up with a knife, and I guess if someone stayed in such an abusive relationship, it wouldn’t be long before the knives were being pulled for real. Btw, I’m a sucker for a great title too, ‘Break My Bones’ is pitch perfect.

    Your art is so visceral, so instinctive and spot-on! Fantastic poetic prose that many will relate too. Thank you for spelling out the danger in such clear, succinct language, so that others can hopefully, run much sooner, in the other direction. Excellent work as always. Warm greetings, Deborah

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    1. Thank you Deborah for your comment! I should give the credit for the title of this piece to my husband, and he did the artwork with this, as well. 🙂 He is my editor most of the time, too.

      I fear that abusive relationships are such slow-growing gradual storms that by the time it becomes catastrophic, the victim is unaware. I couldn’t think of a better way to illustrate that. And it is very flattering that a poet such as yourself found this poetic prose to be effective. Thank you so much for your support. Best of wishes–Lindsey V.


      1. Re: You and your newlywed, editor plus artist … Wow! You guys, talk about being the ‘dream team!’ Seriously Lindsey, I believe you and Christa have got something so special, and amazing going on here with your BURNToast blog. There is clearly a huge amount of original talent between all of you. If you want it too, you know one day a book from all your articles would be amazing. I agree whole-heartedly with your ‘slow-growing’ storms comment, that’s such a great way of explaining exactly what happens. Warm greetings, Deborah.

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      2. He is my soulmate, I used to roll my eyes at that term but not since meeting him. 🙂 Thank you again, your compliments mean so much to us. We are considering a book, I would like to make it an extension of the blog. I think with it being a book with the same purpose as our blog, we will have no trouble completing the project. I have always tried to write books in the past, but grew tired of them or too critical. But they were frivolous projects. That won’t be the case with this one. Thank you again and Best of Wishes!—Lindsey V.


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